Please consider what kind of gift suits you best - whether it's gifting vital vet care for one of our retired racehorses or making a larger impact and gifting transitional training for multiple horses currently in our program. Please select a donation option below.

New Vocations truly appreciates your generous support!


To each horse, every gift makes a difference!

Provide Protection

- $30

Gift essential vaccines

Keep a Horse Warm

- $50

Gift a winter blanket

Maintain Comfort

- $75

Gift a set of shoes

Lend a Healing Hand

- $100

Gift vet or chiropractic care

Save a Life

- $250

Gift emergency transportation

Offer a Safe Haven

- $500

Gift one month full board

Give a Brighter Future

- $1000

Gift transitional training

Ensure Complete Recovery

- $1500

Gift rehabilitation

Grant a New Life

- $2500

Gift rehabilitation, transitional training & placement into a loving home

Ensure a Productive Future

- $5000

Gift a surgery, full rehabilitation & transitional training

Offer a Safe Haven for Many

- $7500

Gift a stall sponsorship for one year

Provide Supplies for Routine Care

- $10000

Gift a year's worth of equine supplies for 40 horses

Contribute Preventative Care

- $20000

Gift vaccines & dewormer for 400 horses

Furnish New Shoes For All

- $30000

Gift farrier care for 400 horses

Give Brighter Futures

- $50000

Gift transitional training for 50 horses

Donate to the General Fund

Gift amount of your choice toward New Vocations' general fund

Specified Amount

Optional Comment/Designation: