Fast Double G

New Vocations’ special supporter, painting ex-racehorse and international star, Metro Meteor has close to $50,000 to date as part of The Metro Fund that supports retired racehorses at our PA facility.

During Christmas 2013, Metro provided one of our Thoroughbreds, 4 yr old mare Fast Double G, with a very special gift – surgery to remove chip fragments in her lower knee joint. This surgery will allow Fast Double G to have unlimited potential in a second career, whereas without it, she would be considerably limited to light pleasure riding. The money Metro has raised will not only pay for the surgery, but also her rehabilitation, retraining, and placement in a new home. Dr. Palmer at New Jersey Equine Clinic will perform the surgery for a generous discount and Fast Double G’s donor Joe Santoro, has arranged and paid for her transportation to and from the vet clinic.
This young horse’s life will forever be changed because of the selfless generosity of Metro, our special supporter and ambassador for retired racehorses everywhere.

PA Facility Trainer Cheryl Keller reports, “We thoroughly enjoy having our recent addition, Fast Double G, at the our facility. She is a lovely mare and certainly a barn favorite. She greets you with a soft whinny as you walk into the barn every morning. “G”, as she’s affectionately called, loves attention, grooming and will do just about anything for a treat. She had us all one over immediately with her sweet personality! Many thanks to Metro for all his support in helping this sweet mare get the treatment she needs for a bright future!”

Rehabilitation Timeline

11/22/13 – Fast Double G arrived at the New Vocations Pennsylvania facility

12/27/13 – Dr. Scott Palmer performed knee chip removal surgery on her left knee. The surgery was a huge success!

12/28/13 – Fast Double G is transported back to New Vocations’ PA facility to begin stall rest.

Fast-Double-GPhoto taken upon her return to our PA facility

1/15/14 – Dr. Kate Bear, of Horseshoe Valley Equine, removed the stitches. The mare went out for her first hand walk post surgery. The walk went well, but we had to stick to just the aisle way as she was very stimulated by her surroundings outside the stall. She will be hand walked 15 minutes per day for approximately 2 months.

Fast-Double-G-22Photo taken after stitches were removed from left front knee

2/16/14 – Having completed her 2nd step in the recovery process, Fast Double G has now graduated to daily small paddock turn out. Her first day out, she handled like a champ, however, she was not sure of the fluffy white stuff on the ground and snorted loudly several times before tip-toeing onto the snow. Our PA trainer Cheryl is monitoring her turn out closely to ensure G remains quiet and she’s happy to report that the mare is a very sensible patient who’d much prefer walking around her paddock quietly watching the on-goings at the farm or munching on her hay pile. What a smart girl!

Here is a brief video clip of G enjoying her paddock turn out time:

3/7/14 – Fast Double G stood quietly for the farrier to put new shoes on her front feet this week. In just 2 weeks, we’ll begin her unrestricted turn out & then retraining under saddle! It’s hard to believe it has been just 10 weeks since her surgery. Sometimes it may feel like this is a very lengthy process, but to have a horse that will be unlimited because of a simple surgery, it’s worth all the time & effort.
Thank you to Metro for funding the surgery & to Dr. Palmer and all her care givers that helped with her recovery along the way. Some very lucky adopter will certainly enjoy this mare as a lifetime partner.

kj          fg

Fast Double G standing patiently for the farrier


3 Responses to “A Special Christmas Gift from one Retired Racehorse to Another!”

  1. Cheryl Noble

    She is just beautiful. What kind of prognoses does she have ? Will she have to be a companion horse or will she be okay for light riding.

  2. New Vocations

    Once Fast Double G fully recovers, she will be able to have unlimited potential in any discipline, including jumping. If she hadn’t received the surgery, she would have only be suitable for light riding.


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