Personal Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years of age – if younger, a parent may be added to application and sign contract if approved
  • Make no less than $35,000/ year
  • Live within the 38 States that we adopt to (shown below)
  • Have owned a horse before (exception can be made if applicant has sufficient horse experience)
  • If a mare is wanted for breeding purposes, must have prior experience w/ foaling
  • Must be working with a trainer if a beginner – intermediate rider
  • Must have at least 2 non-family personal references that are aware of horse experience and that have been to facility
  • Must have a vet reference that has been to the facility within the last year (if not, then farm call should be requested of applicant) * Boarding facility’s regular vet does not necessarily need to have applicant as a current client


Facility Requirements


  • If own farm (private facility) – must have at least 1 acre per horse
  • If boarding facility – must have at least ½ acre per horse


Stall Size

  • At least 10 x 12
  • If there are no stalls, there must be adequate shelter in a pasture large enough to accommodate the horse(s), i.e. run-in for 2 horses should be at least 12 x 24
  • All horses must have access to adequate shelter based on the geographic location of the facility


Acceptable Fencing

  • Wood/vinyl rail/ split rail – at least 2 rails high
  • Woven wire/ horse fence/ no-climb fence/ mesh fence/ field fence, etc.
  • Electric tape/ braided rope/ coated wire (highly visible) – at least 3 strands high
  • Barbed wire is only acceptable at the top (1 strand) to prevent leaning


States We Adopt To

New Vocations only adopts horses to homes within the United States. This map shows the 38 states that we adopt to. Any applicants that live West of the Texas/ New Mexico border (in red below) are automatically declined due to the great distance of these states from all of our facilities that are located in the eastern half of the U.S.