Following is a list of some common racehorse injuries, their treatments and prognoses. Bear in mind that these are generalizations and the severity of injury will vary according to each horse. A licensed equine veterinarian should evaluate any serious injury or illness.


Bowed Tendon (a.k.a. Tendonitis)                                             Strained Suspensory Ligament



Splints                                                                                      Osselets

Splints                                                     osselets


Sesamoid Fractures                                                                Condylar Fractures

Sesamoid Fracture                                               CondylarFracture1


Knee Fractures                                                                       Bone Chips (Knee or Fetlock)

Fractured knees                                                      knee chip


Bucked Shins                                                                         Pinfiring

buckedshins                                                 pinfiring