Both Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds off the track are accepted into the program.




Donations to New Vocations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Equine donors receive a letter of acknowledgement stating the horse was donated to a 501 (c) (3) public charity. In many cases, but not all, the horse may be deducted at its fair market value. A CPA should be consulted for accuracy.


Horse Donor Form

If you would like to donate a horse to the program, please fill out the donor application.

Thoroughbred donor forms can be emailed to or faxed to (614) 448-9440.

Standardbred donor forms can be emailed to or faxed to (614) 737-9941.

Please allow a few days for Anna Ford or Winnie Nemeth to contact you. At that time, you will be notified if your horse has been accepted into the program and what facility the horse will be going to. To ensure a quicker acceptance, please send copies of vaccination history, medical report(s) and x-rays (if horse is injured) along with the application as well as have a current coggins and front shoes on your horse.




Horse Requirements

New Vocations accepts mares and geldings, a minimum age of 2. All horses must be broke to ride and have been recently racing or in race training. Stallions need to be castrated and given a few weeks healing time before arrival. If this is unreasonable an attempt will be made to place a stallion directly from the track.

Horses must have: a current coggins, front shoes, and be up-to-date on worming and vaccinations. A profile of the horse’s disposition, injuries (old and new), limitations, habits, and any joint injections or illnesses in the previous three months should accompany each individual along with the name, address, and phone number of both the owner and the trainer.

Donors must provide transportation for the horse to one of our facilities. New Vocations can help arrange commercial shipping if needed.

Horses coming to New Vocations need to be adoptable. They must be riding sound and able to be turned out. We can only take injured horses if the donor is willing to cover the board until it’s rehabilitated. Please do not send horses with neurological symptoms, joint infections, or acute degenerative joint disease as these individuals face a poor quality of life and often must be euthanized.


Sponsor Donated Horse

Please consider sponsoring the donated horse while in the care of our program. A monetary donation may be required if the donated horse will need time to heal from a track injury. A monthly donation until the horse is adopted or a one-time contribution can be made.



Mandatory Updates of Adopted Horse

New Vocations follows up on each horse for one year to ensure a successful transition. Mandatory updates required of adopters are shared with the former owners who may also correspond if they wish. At the end of one year, the adopter may sell the horse, but not to a dealer or through an auction, and must provide New Vocations with the new owner’s contact information. This is why horses need to have a skill and a degree of future usefulness to carry them over once they leave the protective umbrella of the program.