Update Form

Adopters are required by contract to send three written updates with clear photos during the first year at the 3rd, 6th, and 12th month from the date of the adoption. This helps New Vocations monitor the horse‚Äôs condition and progress.

All adopters will be sent an update form by email or post mail a couple weeks before the update is due. Reminders will be sent out if an update has not been submitted by the due date which is marked on the update form.

Adopter’s can either download the PDF, fill it out and mail it in, or they can fill out the form below and submit it electronically.



Update Pictures

Clear photos of the adopted horse are mandatory and need to show the full body of the horse (example below). Adopters are encouraged to also include photos that showcase the adopted horse in its new home/ career (example below).

Copies are sent to donors to assure them of a successful transition and may be posted on the New Vocations Success Stories page.


 e.g. Update Conformation Picture

e.g. Success Story Pictures


Send your manual update photos to:

Email: updates@horseadoption.com

Post Mail: 719 Dolan Lane, Lexington KY 40511


Please remember that each update should include at least 1 color full body photo of your nicely groomed adopted horse without blankets or tack in a well lit and eye appealing setting as these are sent to donors.
Update Form
Your update code is the first 3 letters of the horses name, followed by first 3 letters of your last name, followed by the year of adoption. (i.e. RUNSMI14)