Horse Stats
Name: Demander
Barn Name: Demander
Age: 2011
Gender: Gelding
Height: 17 1/2 hh
Color: Chestnut
Adoption Fee: $800
Location: Medina, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: 11
Highlights: 3-0-1
Total Earnings: $96,049
Last Race: 4/8/2015
Sire: Yes It's True
Dam: Bootey
Other Notable Pedigree: It Is True, Raja Baba, Clever Trick, Storm Cat, Runaway Groom
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Demander is the second of the Yes It’s True offspring in the barn, with Carolinian being the other one.  They definitely share very similar traits such as a cute face and a sweet, curious nature.  Demander is the larger of the two which is just more of him to love. He likes attention and will look at you with such a trusting face as you talk to him.  Kind of a big goofy guy that gives you the impression he hasn’t quite grown into his large frame yet, but he tries hard at whatever task you give him.  He is just 5 years old, so occasionally he will throw in a little bit of enthusiasm into the ride, but he means nothing by it and is too big to ever pull anything off successfully.  Fairly straightforward to ride and he has a ground-covering stride, so he is much more comfortable working in the larger outdoor arena the the indoor.  He will be limited to flat work or small cross rails, but will not have a jumping career due to an old injury.

He likes his time outside but is just as comfortable spending a quiet day in his stall too.  Middle of the pecking order is where he falls and he gets along well with his young turn out buddy.  He has no vices.

In his new video Demander shows he is getting stronger behind, but with his size he still needs to learn balance and some collection to be able to hold his big frame together in the smaller indoor.  He is coming along welland more time and training is all he needs.

Demander is by the MGSW Yes It’s True who had 22 starts with a record of 11-2-3, winning 5 of 6 in a row, earned 1 million and sold for $800,000 as a 2 year old.  He is by It Is True, winner of the ’85 Breeder’s Cup Juvenile with 15 starts, a record of 5-2-2, earned $550,000 and sold for 1 million as breeding stock.  It Is True is by the former Leading Sire Raja Baba. Yes It’s True’s dam is by Clever Trick who was the  winner of 8 of 9 races in a row as a 4 year old and an overall record of 18-2-1 in 29 starts.  Demander’s dam, Bootery, sold in foal for $350,000 and $245,000 respectively.  Her dam’s sire is the Canadian Champion 3 Year Old Colt Runaway Groom.