Horse Stats
Name: Sweet Deal Hanover
Barn Name: Hanover
Age: 2000
Gender: Gelding
Height: est. 16 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $WAIVED
Location: Bowling Green, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: 58
Highlights: Winner
Total Earnings: $285,464
Last Race: 3/20/2008
Sire: American Winner
Dam: Sweet Laughter
Other Notable Pedigree:
  • DSCN2828
  • DSCN3151
  • kids (2)
  • Wagon (2)
  • winter sleigh


    If I were to name him I would call him-Sweet Boy Hanover.  This is a very sad day for me as I do not want to part with Hanover.  He has been a BIG part of our home for 6 years now.  We are leaving and will be unable to keep him while we are gone.  These are just a few of his photos but the stories are many. 

    He has a love of being driven.  Most of our time spent has been in driving Hanover.  I have ridden him, but as I stated he loves to pull carriages and our sleigh.  One such occasion, a level 3 snow alert in Bowling Green, Ohio, we were driving on the city roads and he was stepping along and loving it.  When Ron told him to turn around he did, but forgot he was in a straight shaft and not the undercut carriages that he uses all summer with us.  It was so fun he spun around and it was like a centrifuge.  We followed and off we went bells jingling, spectators clicking their cameras and calling to family to come out side as we trotted past.  Many times during the summer people will ask if we are Amish-“No we are just shopping and we get about 20 miles to the half bale of hay” would be our answer.  Hanover is gentle with children, loves our dog and never kicks, not even other horses. 

    Hanover was involved in an accident with a motor vehicle while pulling a carriage on 5/18/2016 and has fully recovered with no lasting ill effects.  He does not exhibit any signs of arthritis and is excited to go out hitched to the wagon and carriages. 

    We hope to get the opportunity to take a sleigh ride still this winter, but we understand that a great horse like Hanover will probably have someone fall in love with him just as we did.  He is an easy keeper and has grown a wonderful winter coat for warmth.  He comes when I approach the pasture and loves to be with people.

    If you have an Approved Application with New Vocations- Please give us a call and come out to visit Hanover any time!


    For More Information, Contact:

    Ronald and Sharon 

    Bowling Green, Ohio

    385-424-8491 Cell Sharon


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