Horse Stats
Name: Ten Martinis
Barn Name: Dino
Age: 2008
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $600
Location: Garrettsville, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: 49
Total Earnings: $54,065
Last Race: 6/4/14
Sire: Tenpins
Dam: Moonlight Martini
Other Notable Pedigree: Mr.Prospector, Depty Minster, Icapade
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This competitive racehorse deserved 10 or 20 martinis to let down from his long racing career! Perhaps his sire, Tenpins, a five-time graded stakes winner and a millionaire grandson of Mr. Prospector out of a Deputy Minster mare, had more than a little influence on his exuberant personality.

Ten Martinis, or “Dino as he is affectionately called around the barn, has now enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation and pasture time. Turnout is fine with others, but be sure he’s not following you back to the barn – this horse wants to be around people all the time!

A gamey little sport horse, he’s a forward ride, but easily comes back and has a lead change. We hope to see how he accepts a polo mallet in the coming days. When cantering down to a jump, just let go and say “wheee!” The sport of eventing would be perfect for this brave fellow as he doesn’t say no to anything! He’s very smart, quick to learn and inquisitive. For this reason, we suggest an experienced rider and a previous Thoroughbred owner as an adopter. Because of his slight build, a petite rider is also recommended.

Dino can be a prankster and is smarter than the average horse–but don’t be deterred! If you love a free spirit with the heart to take you above and beyond, Dino will take you there without limitations.

Dino has had a devoted woman who comes in weekly to work with him. He’s done carrot stretches, lunging, and been in the bitting rig—all while receiving treats and more treats! Don’t even attempt to open the peppermint jar at the other end of the barn–he’ll be whinnying and pawing while the others haven’t even noticed!