Horse Stats
Name: Unnamed Glorado '11
Barn Name: Glory
Age: 2011
Gender: Mare
Height: 16.1 hh
Color: Chestnut
Adoption Fee: $500 Now $250
Location: Lexington, KY
Race Stats
Total Starts: Unraced
Highlights: n/a
Total Earnings: $n/a
Last Race: n/a
Sire: Tiago
Dam: Glorado
Other Notable Pedigree: Pleasant Tap, Stalwart, Mr Prospector, Bold Forbes
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Glory is a 2011 model mare sired by Tiago out of the mare named Glorado. She is a big girl! Everything about her is big and solid. Glory is an alpha mare who bosses all the girls in the field around and will try to boss her people around on the ground. She sizes people up individually and remembers her interactions with each particular person. Really bonding with her is a mix of establishing that you are boss and she must follow your rules, while also gaining her trust. Under the tough exterior is a mare who does want to be petted and loved. When your bond is established, she does enjoy quiet afternoon grooming sessions standing freely in her stall. She does not have any stall vices along the lines of cribbing or weaving.

Even while you are working to establish your bond on the ground she is still quite awesome under saddle. She has loads of natural talent and the times when the pieces of the training puzzle start clicking for her, you feel like you are sitting on something pretty special. She actually goes best when she is asked for a light frame. As a rider, you have to help her put together what you are asking with your body and she prefers a deeper seat with your hands to guide and leg to support. Ironically, when she is in a frame she is light in your hands and when she loses the frame, Glory can get lost and a bit dull in her mouth. Glory is suitable for all disciplines but her “happy place” under saddle would really lend it’s self very well to the dressage ring, so I feel eventing or dressage would really be up her alley. Glory needs an experienced handler who understands the alpha mare mind and an upper intermediate or advanced rider.