I am a happy Standardbred adopter from New Vocations. I have been riding dressage for 30+ years. There was a time when I rode every day and enjoyed ibshowing. I had a Thoroughbred that I started as a 3 year old, (racing bred, but untouched) he was a wonderfully talented horse. I had the pleasure of owning him until he passed at 25. I also was lucky enough to purchase my “dream horse”. He was a warmblood with even bigger movement than my Thoroughbred! He unfortunately only lived to the age of 14! At this point in my life I am married and now have 2 children. They are our life, nights and weekends are spent with them or taking them to their activities. The thought of spending “dream horse” amounts of money was not an option. The kids come first, but I needed a horse! I also need a nice moving horse. Riding dressage for so many years, I am spoiled and have to have a big, nice moving horse. I began looking at the New Vocation site. They were in my price range and they were really nice horses!

I wasn’t ready to get a horse, but though I would get my application in, “just in case!” I swear, it was a week after my application was approved, my horse was on the site. Inglorious Barnard. He did not even have a video, I read the description, saw his face, and knew he was mine. I called Jenn Daniels and said exactly what I was looking for. She said that I was exactly what she wanted for Bernie. Never have I bought a horse without a trial at my own farm or without getting a vet check, never until I found Bernie.

He was everything she said he was. He is sweet, quiet, smart, gorgeous, and a very nice mover. He is mine! Well, almost all mine. My 13 year old ib2daughter has begun to ride him. She outgrew her pony and her other horse had to be retired.

We both want to show this year. She likes to go to the fun shows with her friends and ride English. She also has big plans for the World Show. I can’t wait to get back into the dressage arena. The good news is that my showing buddy, who now also has 2 children, also adopted a Standardbred from New Vocations. Our kids are good friends, so they will do the fun shows together, while she and I get back into the dressage ring.
We are both completely thrilled with our horses. We want the world to see what they are missing in these wonderful Standardbreds. I hope to inspire others to give racehorses a new life after racing.


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