Horse’s Name: Brandi’s Diva
Adopter’s Name: Emma Foreman
Adopted From: Pennsylvania Facility
Current Location: Pittstown, NJ
Pony Club Branch: Amwell Valley Hounds Pony Club
Horse Is Intended For: Eventing

What’s your favorite thing about your new horse?

My favorite thing about Diva is her fiery personality and her excitement that never falters!

What do you think the best part of the Challenge program is?

My favorite thing about the Challenge is that I get the opportunity to change the world around a horse, and make them something totally new. I love the idea that I can change a horse’s life, especially one as special as Diva.

Have you discovered any cute or funny habits or quirks about your new horse yet?

Diva has some weird quirks, but they’re silly and give us a laugh! She has one ear that seems to not have enough structure in it; it’s her floppy ear! She also loves to follow us around her pasture, and is a big foodie; she caught onto this treat thing really quick! She’s lovable and my other OTTB, Grayson, is completely in love with her! They like to lean over the fence at each other and nicker. Diva has been wonderful and I know she’s a special mare.