Horse’s Name: Caribbean Kid
Adopter’s Name: Chelsea Hoyt
Adopted From: Lexington Facility
Current Location: 
Pony Club Branch: 
Horse Is Intended For: Eventing


What is your horse’s name?                                                       

Chelsea: Caribbean Kid

What do you call him now that he’s home in your barn?                                        

Chips, we decided to name him this because he had a bone chip

How far did you travel to pick him up?                                                                     

We got him shipped to our barn in New Hampshire. After driving to Kentucky to visit him before we decided to adopt we decided to just ship him home.

What do you like best about him so far?                                                                  

He’s very smart and has the sweetest personality, he’s so cuddly.

What are his favorite treats?                                                                                       

He doesn’t like any treats but the Purina Nicker Makers. We’ve tried peppermints, apples, carrots, rounders and more but he is not a fan.

Did he find a buddy at your farm? If so, what is his new friend’s name?

He’s made friends with his neighbor Colby and his other neighbor Sarai. He’s very friendly and was determined to become friends with grumpy Colby when he moved in.

Have your friends seen him yet?                                                                                

Most of my friends have seen him, they all think he’s very cute (obviously!).

What does he do that is silly?                                                                                   

He loves to be scratched on his neck and he’ll lean right into you.

What are you working on with him right now?                                                        

He’s on stall rest with a bit of hand walking right now so we’re just doing basic ground work.

What is your plan with him for the next few months?                                             

Hopefully I’ll be able to start riding him in the beginning of may and start doing some small schooling shows