Horse’s Name: Ouch Ouch Ouch
Adopter’s Name: Renata Petraitis
Adopted From: Lexington Facility
Current Location: Loudoun Hunt Pony Club
Pony Club Branch: Amwell Valley Hounds Pony Club
Horse Is Intended For: Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping

What are you calling Ouch Ouch Ouch now that she’s home?


What is your favorite thing about your new horse?    

My favorite thing about Talia is her personality. She is such a sweetheart and always in your pockets. She could stand perfectly still on the crossties with your arms wrapped around her face, loving the attention, or walking out to the field trying to pull the zippers on your pockets to check for treats! She has this puppy dog personality and all it makes you want to do is to do whatever she wants even though you know you shouldn’t!

What is your favorite part of the New Vocations Pony Club Challenge Program?

I think the best part of the Challenge program is giving the opportunity to those who didn’t know how to go about retraining horses. I’ve always wanted a greenie of my own, but I’m not in the financial situation to do so, and this program has given me the chance to not have to put any money down, and helped reimburse parts of owning the horse so that I can learn how to train a horse off the track!

Does your horse have any silly habits or quirks?

Talia LOVES attention. She has an amazing brain for a 4 year old, but when something does scare her, she has this adorable way of basically hiding behind me to make sure it’s okay to touch/walk by. She walks behind me and peeks her head around, with her muzzle against my arm. Then once we pass whatever it was that was “scary” she acts like nothing happened and is back to begging for attention.