Horse’s Name: Our Commodore
Adopter’s Name: Sarah Foreman
Adopted From: Lexington Facility
Current Location: Saint Joseph, IL
Pony Club Branch: Half Halt Pony Club
Horse Is Intended For: Hunter/Jumper


What do you call Our Commodore now that he’s home in your barn?                                             


How far did you travel to pick him up?                                                                                    

5 hours.

What do you like best about him to date?                                                                                 

I like his can-do attitude.

What are his favorite treats?                                                                                           


Did he find a buddy at your farm? If so, what is his new friend’s name?                                

Yes, Triton.

What do you plan to do with him?                                                                                    

Show Jumping.

Have your friends seen him yet?                                                                                         

Some of them, yes.

What does he do that is silly?                                                                                                

He plays quite hard in turnout and sometimes goes too far in halter tag

What are you working on with him right now?                                                                 

Lateral movements and accepting the bit.

What is your plan with him for the next few months?                                                           

Start pole work and hopefully move quickly into cross-rails.

What do you like best about your horse right now?                                                              

I love his fearlessness. He hasn’t spooked once since we brought him home.