Horse’s Name: Sum Up
Adopter’s Name: Margaret Stiles
Adopted From: Lexington Facility
Current Location: Canton, NC
Pony Club Branch: Greenville Foothills Pony Club
Horse Is Intended For: Eventing

Which facility did you adopt your horse from and how far did you travel to get him?

I got Sum Up at the end of February from the Kentucky New Vocations facility. I traveled about 5 ½ hours to get him.

What are you calling your horse now that he’s home?

His barn name is Sigma, aka Sig. I’m a math major and Sigma is one of the letters in the Greek alphabet and means sum up your numbers, I thought it appropriate.

What are his favorite treats?

Sig doesn’t take treats and has even refused carrots and apples – very sad! We will continue to try and spoil him and I know he will eventually love those things.  

What have you been working on with your horse?

He had a massive abscess so I haven’t been able to ride much, but when I have he’s been fabulous! He has walked, trotted and is starting trotting over poles on the ground. Sig loves to work and really seems to enjoy a routine, which I hope to start back up with him soon. He can canter on his left lead, but right not so much! I love Sig and can’t wait to see what he wants to do!

Does your horse have any new friends?

Sig is low man on the totem pole in the pasture. His best friend is Cruiser (who looks just like him) and Sig is in love with the chestnut German Sports Riding Pony (she of course thinks he’s gross and will have nothing to do with him).