Horse’s Name: Tailwindstorm
Adopter’s Name: Ainsley Hagen
Adopted From: Marysville Facility
Current Location: 
Pony Club Branch: 
Horse Is Intended For: Eventing


Which facility did your horse come from and how far did you travel to get her? 

On March 18 my mom, sister and I all drove to Marysville, Ohio from Poolesville, Maryland, which is about 7 hours away from our barn, to pick up TailWindStorm. She’s a 16H 5 year old bay mare.

What are you calling her now that she’s home?                                                       


What is your favorite thing about your new horse so far?                                       

My favorite thing about Aries so far has got to be her bravery and how friendly she is. When she sees something scary she looks at it, walks towards it, then just pretends like it’s not even there. She is super friendly and loves people.

What is her favorite treat?                                                                                                 

Her favorite treat is a carrot.

Has your horse made any new friends since she arrived at your farm?                 

She has met a chestnut gelding named Rocky who is her best friend, when you turn her out Rock is the first one to canter up to her.


Does your horse have any silly habits?                                                                    

The silliest thing she has done is when you find her sweet scratching spot she will turn her head and stretch her neck as far as it will go.

Have your friends met your new horse yet?                                                                 

All of my barn friends have met her and said she was super sweet and cute!

What are you working on with your horse right now?                                              

Right now I am working on accepting the bit and trotting over poles and cross rails.

What do you plan to work on in the next few months?   

In the next few months I would like to be able to have her head consistently down, and I want to have gone to a schooling show.

What do you like best about your new horse?                                                         

What I like best about Aries right now is how willing to please she is. She tries to figure out what you’re telling her and once she does, she does exactly what you ask her to do.