Name:         Amanda Munson

Age:            28

State:          Ohio

Discipline:   Dressage & Hunter/Jumper



Registered Name:   Stud’s Hooligan

Show Name:           Stud’s Hooligan

Age:                        1996

Gender:                   Gelding

Date Adopted:         August, 2000

Race Starts:            26

Race Earnings:       $37,990

Last Race:               7/29/00

Race Highlights:      Winning Pacer



I would like for more people to consider a Standardbred for their sport horses, as they are amazing athletes and have such a desire to please and be part of a team with their riders. They have ‘tude, power, and incredible athleticism that often gets unnoticed due simply assuming that their sweet personalities and different gait make them unsuitable for Dressage and jumping. It may take a little more time with initial training and muscle building, but I find these horses give you their hearts as much as a Thoroughbred or any other performance breed. Along with that open heart often comes a sound and willing mind as well, and my partnership with Strider is always noticed by other competitors, trainers, and judges. He is loved wherever we go- be it schooling, shows, trail rides, or any other outing. He’s such a personality that he’s most always got a small group of people asking about him and inevitably giving him love and attention. His success in the show arena will hopefully be getting more notice this year!



As a New Vocations Ambassador, Amanda will be sharing her experiences as well as photos and video from all the shows she and Stud’s Hooligan will be attending. Follow their progress by clicking the links below!


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