2012 16.2 Hand Bay Gelding
By More Than Ready out of Kulik Cat by Giant’s Causeway
Bred in KY by Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings LLC

Last raced: 8 / 1 / 2015 at Ellis Park

Trained by: Charles LoPresti

Starts: 4

Wins: 1

Earnings: $19,224

Adopted: 4/9/16 by Dawn Roth from the Lexington, KY facility

Home state: SC

RRP Makeover Trainer: Dawn Roth

RRP Makeover Primary Discipline: Freestyle

RRP Makeover Secondary Discipline: Dressage

Did you go see your horse before you adopted him or did you adopt him sight unseen?

I was excited to obtain approval to adopt an OTTB through New Vocations. Shortly afterwards, I began browsing the website and I signed up for the weekly e-newsletter to be sent to my inbox. I scanned a listing that arrived on an email and right away Hot Tin Roof AKA “Tin” caught my eye. That was on a Wednesday. I was ready but nervous to actually make a decision so I did nothing. On Friday, something called me back to his listing and while viewing some photos and the posted video my mom came over. She asked what I was doing and looked over my shoulder. She asked “Wow he is really nice are you going to adopt him?” I answered with “I don’t know”… Her response “Oh Dawn, push the adopt button before someone else does”. And so that is it… I pushed the button and never looked back. The next day I was on a road trip at 4am Saturday morning to pick him up! 

What discipline(s) do you plan to show your horse in at the Makeover?

Our primary discipline will be FreeStyle. I am excited to create a fun 5 minute demonstration that is unique and different! Stay tuned! Our secondary discipline will be Dressage. I love dressage or what I call “yoga for horses”. I spent 20 plus years competing from Training Level to Fourth Level. I am excited to be returning to the show ring with Tin in the future.

What is your training routine like?

Wow, that is a variety of things! I strongly believe all horses need a solid foundation, understanding how to yield softly and politely and need to be shown the way to better communication with humans. I love ground work and liberty work. The importance of a mutual understanding between horse and human is key to success in any discipline. Our typical day includes usually a warm up with ground work online to help Tin loosen up his body and mentally and emotionally connect to me. I try to teach him something new each time the sessions keep his interest and curiosity up. I work with lots of different obstacles and props. We practice trailer loading and trailering frequently to build confidence and relaxation about going places. Under saddle, I strive to connect the ground work clearly to expectations riding. Keeping things light and harmonious is the goal of each session.

What is your greatest accomplishment (to date) with your horse?

It is challenging to name just one thing there are so many super things Tin and I have connected about. If I had to name one achieving transitions up and down just using my breath (inhale for up and exhale for down). Followed closely by cracking bull whips while riding and roping. (dressage queen gone wild)

What are your goals with your horse?

It is my general goal to create a solid and willing partner, a horse that is connected and happy with our sessions. Specifically, I would like to have Tin a calm and confident traveler for new experiences, steady in the show ring, a good demonstration horse for when I need to show tasks or examples to students.

What is your favorite thing about your horse?

His athleticism and lightness of gaits. He is a very sensitive horse that feels everything. I love that about him. When you set up the puzzle with feel and timing he is able to solve it and own the process. Then the next time he gets it with ease and lightness and learns to be accountable as a partner.

What quirks does your horse have?

Tin loves to put everything in his mouth and he does it with a lot of character….. He is playful and fun. If your are not careful he will eat your snack or tip over the wheelbarrow. I love that he is curious about everything and everyone he meets.