Retrained and Remarkable Success Story:
Most Wanted: Stable Vice Doesn’t Stop Stellar Lesson Horse

Giving the Overlooked a Chance to Succeed

The owner of a small family farm, Julie Graber was familiar with New Vocations and the Thoroughbreds they help; she was already the owner of Barracuda Bay when she saw Most Wanted on the New Vocations website (and she has since adopted Closer to You as well!).

The son of Good Reward, “Marshall” was a war horse, having raced 52 times and earning just over $62,000. After retiring from racing, Marshall was a pony horse for a bit before arriving at New Vocations to find his next career. Though a super-sweet horse who was as kind as could be, a cribbing habit caused many potential adopters to overlook him. Though sound, he spent 89 days in our program before finding his new home.

Julie adopted the sweet bay gelding on April 22, 2018, after watching his video and looking at his photos online. “I could see his back was a little sore by the way he moved and it was stated in his profile,” she explains. “But he looked like my kind of horse and [I knew] we could use him in our lesson program.”

Proving His Worth

Once he arrived at their farm in Indiana, Julie started him back into work slowly and gave Marshall a few Magnawave treatments. “He already moves better and goes in a more relaxed carriage,” she says. “Careful saddle placement and hill work is also helping his back.”

And once he was comfortable, there was no looking back! “Marshall was so chill about everything the second week, I tried him a little walk/trot with a confident advanced beginner, and he was fabulous!” Julie says.

Marshall is now a barn favorite with the more-timid riders in walk/trot lessons, Julie says, but he’s not just for beginners: “Riders with a little experience love his canter!”  In addition to being a star in the ring, he’s also the lead trail horse for our more-hesitant horses,” Julie says. He is also learning to jump, and has been very careful over poles and crossrails, as well as over some little logs out cross country.

Is there anything this horse can’t do? We don’t think so!

“Marshall is super friendly,” Julie says. “He was exactly the horse we needed to replace an old faithful lesson horse and we are very happy to have him in our program.”

New Vocations is deeply thankful for owners like Julie who overlook stall vices like cribbing, giving Marshall a wonderful home and the chance at a successful second career. His bad habit certainly has not stopped him from becoming a farm favorite! Can you give a Retrained and Remarkable horse a home? Visit to view all available horses.

Marshall was part of the New Vocations Retrained & Remarkable Challenge. As such, he received a shipping credit of up to $500, and an invitation to compete in Challenge-specific classes at the 2019 New Vocations Charity Horse Shows in Kentucky and Ohio. R&R adopters who choose to participate in the competition will be eligible to compete for $5,000 in cash and prizes; they will also receive a FREE stall at either Charity horse show and FREE entry into Challenge classes. Learn more about the challenge here.



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