Barracuda Bay, intended for dressage, show jumping & low level eventing, with adopter Talia Graber


April 13, 2017 – Lexington, KY — New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program is excited to announce that 10 Thoroughbreds have been adopted by United States Pony Clubs, Inc. members as part of the New Vocations Pony Club Challenge. The Challenge is an educational program designed to give Pony Club members an opportunity to adopt retired racehorses. Participants in the Challenge will showcase their horse management and riding skills learned through Pony Club while providing qualified homes and new careers for retired racehorses.

The 10 retired racehorses that have found new homes are: Brandi’s Diva, Ouch Ouch Ouch, Why Not Whiskey, Barracuda Bay, Megnog, Sum Up, Go Weapons Hot, Caribbean Kid, Our Commodore and Tailwindstorm. The horses have come from New Vocations’ facilities in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Ohio, and will be competing in dressage, show jumping, and eventing at the 2018 United States Pony Clubs Championships East. Forty more Thoroughbreds are expected to be adopted before the 2018 competition, which will offer a minimum of $10,000 in cash and prizes. 

“I think the best part of the Challenge program is giving an opportunity to those who didn’t know how to go about retraining horses,” says Renata Petraitis, who adopted Ouch Ouch Ouch. “I’ve always wanted a green horse of my own, but I’m not in the financial situation to do so, and this program has given me the chance to not have to put any money down, and helped reimburse parts of owning the horse so that I can learn how to train an off-the-track horse!”

“The New Vocations Pony Club Challenge allows New Vocations to provide 50 free, retired racehorses to eligible and pre-approved Pony Club members,” says Anna Ford, Thoroughbred Program Director. “Each of these horses comes with a $1,800 stipend, which has been generously provided by the WaterShed Animal Fund and the Right Horse Initiative, which focus on massively increasing horse adoptions.”

Learn more about the Challenge and find out if you’re eligible for a Challenge horse at

About New Vocations:
Founded in 1992, New Vocations has grown into the largest racehorse adoption program in the country. Its mission to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome retired racehorses has led to the placement of over 6,000 individuals, with over 450 retirees entering the program each year. With six facilities in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, New Vocations serves over 40 racetracks, working directly with owners and trainers in need of equine aftercare options.

About the WaterShed Animal Fund:
WaterShed Animal Fund invests in innovative programs with exemplary institutions and individuals to better the lives of companion animals. They strive to create and support programs that provide life-saving solutions.

About the Right Horse Initiative:
The Right Horse Initiative rallies the expertise and energy of the horse industry and equine welfare professionals and advocates in a unified effort to promote adoption as a preferred method of finding your next horse. Our unique partnerships support horses in transition through education, training, and public awareness on a national level. By working together, we are improving the lives of thousands of horses and massively increasing horse adoption in the United States.



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