You will need the following information in order to complete this application. There is no way to save the application and complete it  at a later date, so the more that you have ready beforehand, the more quickly and easily the application process will go. 

  • Vet phone and fax number/email (not providing your vet’s fax number/email WILL slow down processing.)
  • Trainer/Instructor’s phone number
  • Farrier’s phone number
  • Two non-family personal references and their phone numbers
  • Boarding facility – full address and barn owner/manager’s phone number
  • Boarding Facility – acreage, number of horses on site, number of stalls , stall dimensions, run-in shed dimensions, full fencing details, turnout and feeding routine details.
  • Feed – exact grain type or brand and HOW MUCH is fed (please use pounds, not ” two scoops”). Hay type and how much is fed.
  • Read through our Adoption Contract and Return Policy paperwork.

It is strongly suggested that you fill out this application as soon as you decide to participate in the Pony Club Challenge so that you begin receiving notification of Challenge-approved horses.

Please note that to participate in the 2018 Challenge, horses will need to be adopted by January 30, 2018.

Personal Info
Contact Info
Financial Info
Horse Experience and History
You and Your Potential Adopted Horse
Boarding or Private facility Info
Care & Feeding Info
Reference Info
Adoption Contract Info